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Volunteer Opportunities

Higher Training & Time Requirements

Youth Prevention

1. Juvenile Justice Center Outreach - This team involves our prevention efforts with at-risk youth. This team will interact with youth in the juvenile detention center every other Saturday morning to educate them on sex trafficking, empower them to stay safe and identify current victims.

Onboarding: Attending our youth prevention training, pass a background check, go through online Unbound curriculum, complete PREA training at the JJC, complete fingerprinting

Requirements: 18 +, female, passion for youth, 1 year commitment

Training Team

1. Community Trainings - This team will be trained and equipped to provide general human trafficking 101 trainings on behalf of Unbound. This is the main starting point for those who want to be on the training team. Community trainings take place at places like Rotary Club groups, neighborhood associations, Texas A&M organizations, Blinn organizations and churches.

Onboarding: Attend our training team meeting, pass background check, go through Unbound online curriculum, memorize presentation materials, mock presentation checkoff with staff, co-presentation with existing team member, review feedback

Requirements: 18 +, 1 year commitment, strong communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, ability to conduct oneself professionally

2. Professional Trainings - This team presents discipline specific trainings to empower those with unique spheres of influence on how they can combat human trafficking. This team has presented to nurses, doctors, teachers, law enforcement, CPS workers, military professionals and more.

Onboarding: Same as community team with additional training for specific discipline

Requirement: Same as community team, but must have some level of exposure or experience in a certain discipline

3. School Trainings - This team presents in school settings often to entire faculties and student bodies. These presentations focus on youth prevention and empowering staff to recognize current victims.

Onboarding: Same as community team with additional training for school

Requirements: Invitation only after serving in the above teams

4. Brazos County Women’s Re-Entry Program - This team will present locally to soon to be released incarcerated women on the vulnerabilities of trafficking. 

Onboarding: Same as community team in addition to completing fingerprinting, PREA training and additional re-entry program curriculum

Requirements: Same as community team but must also be female

Lower Training & Time Requirements

Prayer Team - Attend monthly prayer meetings and commit to praying independently

Events Team - Stay on the list of people on-call to help make events like our yearly banquet happen

Administration Assistance - Help our office make copies, research topics, prepare mailings and more

Fundraising Team - Become an Ignite Partner by giving $22 a month or more, organize fundraisers or create partnerships with your workplace

Custom - The “catch-all” volunteer role, tailored to where your interests, skills or availability meet the needs of Unbound

Not In My City Outreach: Participate in our annual “Not In My City” outreach October 19, 2019 - reaching local business with trafficking awareness and victim resources.